Manifesting the life I want (PART 3)

Manifesting the life I want (PART 3)

So recap of what has happened in the last few months while I was not posting . . .

November 2016 was the pinnacle point of my life with so much hope of change and boy did it drastically change!! I have been so busy make moves and kicking ass since I last posted . . . has been the journey of a life time picking myself up AGAIN and getting on with it . . .

December 2016– Moved over 2000km back towards my loved ones. . Homeless on arrival lol but had beautiful support while I visited everyone a week at a time . . .

January 2017 – finally disconnected from ALL toxic and brutal people holding me down (Family members that have been abusive my whole life – EXTREMELY empowering) . . .  very scary at time but proud of myself for standing up for myself. . .

February – found happiness within myself I had never experienced before and started to receive amazing luck!! Found a new home, right price, right location, and right kind of facilities!! Life is grand!


Not sure if it was the stars in some magical aliment or the projection of happiness from within that attracted the most amazing life experiences . . . of maybe all the manifestation techniques have finally started to pay off??? I don’t really care how it come about but TOTALLY in ore of the universe and how it works in mysterious ways to bring about the life I am now living J

So March oh how I love you lol . . .  1st phone call was a contact I made over 3 years ago while networking in my old career, yep offered me a job OUT OF THE BLUE what’s the odds you say . . . But wait there is more hahahhahaha yes like some corny infomercial another message from a Facebook page I love and follow closely yep you got it 2 jobs in one week without even leaving the comforts of my own home!!!! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE, WAY MORE –

I have falling in love with my soul mate!! Yep bitches J you read it correct. . . . There will be a blog soon about this epic tale I promise, I am still in amazement of how lucky I am to have found such a beautiful soul that just clicks with my soul.

So April – spent absorbing the love, happiness and gifts that just kept rolling in one by one by one by twos . . .  life has never been so generous

MAY! OH SHIT BALLS lol – ok blockages, fears and self-sabotaging patterns begin . . . 

‘WTF are you doing’ I say to myself staring deep in my own eyes,

‘Why can’t you seem to accept the beautiful things you have just spent all this time asking for?’

So here begins the next clue to manifest the world you want. . . .  . Start with clearing and working out if you truly believe you deserve a better life!!! For some pre-programmed and stupid reason it is obvious I did not have a grasp of this . . . . So when things started to FINALLY go my way I instantly started to predict and influence the end of my good luck! How messed up does someone have to be to beg the universe for a better life and then when received on a silver platter with no conditional expectations except to embrace. . . . I reject it as I gather all my pent up power, I punch the bottom of the tray sending it flying high in the sky scattering the once full glass of happiness all over the ground. . . I sense the walls closing in on me as I stare at the ground watching my happiness slowly dissolve into the earth beneath me. . . .

Tragic I know but remember back when I said I had been offered 2 jobs at once well here is the kicker!!! Wait for it hahahah yep bitches turns out the second job is in fact working for ONE inspiring, soulful warrior woman that actually runs empowerment, self-love and MANIFESTING programs for people just like me! I love you universe ALWAYS have my back no matter how many times I accidently fuck it up, thank you thank you thank you . . . . . . SO my next few blogs will be a dairy like entry of how I am going through this program and taking notes of the observations I make as my world spins into a new dimension where I no longer self-sabotage the goodness out of my life . . . . Bring it on!!

                                                   Stay safe and remember –

               Inspire yourself, hold on to hope for better things to come, love life



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