Part One – Online Love Hunt

Online Love hunt!

Part 1 


Do any of the Romanic movies that sucker us in really have depth, meaning or even hints of reality? I am struggling to see the realness of these movies and certainly wish someone would hurry up and make a real life documentary about online dating. The hunt for love and its epic toll it has on the hopelessly single, such as myself.

The online dating adventure started in 2005 for me . . . It was limited and basic back then.  .. Now with so many sites, code words, memes, emoji’s, acronyms how are we meant to keep up?

The yearning for my soul mate is becoming consuming. Has it obscured my perception of finding love? Hell yeah it has! Where does a genuine person such as myself really turn to find someone genuine?

Many of my friends have taken on single life differently, both male and female . . . we seem to be an odd bunch with extremely different concepts of dealing with this new age dating process. .  Seriously you nearly need a fucking degree, defence training and possible many bottles of hidden alcohol in your sock draw to navigate the mind field of dating in this decade. So why is it so hard to find someone? what is it? If you haven’t heard all the bullshit we are fed as singles lets recap . . . I’m sure some of these following quotes, if not all will sound familiar to all the singles out there.

‘Be patient’ . . . . . waiting . . . . . .waiting . . . . . . . .waiting . . .  gees how patient do I have to be? no seriously I have spent a major part of my life single, so over being patient and just want my soul mate in my life so we can get on with it. . Is that too much to ask . . . well apparently it is lol


‘They will turn up when you least expect it’ or ‘Soon as you stop looking, the one will come into your life’ LMFAO yep sure. .  I have given up a few times and then pulled myself together and started looking again. . cause when you’re not actively looking the same asshole who told you this then follows it up with ‘Get yourself out there, you can’t expect your life to change if you’re not actively doing something about it’ Yep 9 times out of ten it was the same bloody person who told you stop looking lol

‘Be friends first’ hahahahhah who are they kidding with this one . . . what dating site or FRIEND site is out there that allows you to just be friends?? Yes you can choose to just be friends but hey in this fast pace of online dating, ADD and sex on tape era we are living in, you stop talking to someone for a couple of days you are WAY down the list now buddy. . . If you can’t keep up, forget trying is pretty much the underlying and unspoken code of online dating . . .

now it is true, I try to always be a polite person so if I am sent a message I don’t like to keep someone hanging with no reply but the truth be told that sometimes the number of incoming messages out ways the time I have to reply . . . and then trying to keep up with who is who does your head in. . . It is a nightmare out there!!

‘Get off the dating sites, that’s what is holding you back from meeting someone right for you’ Ok great and where do I go from here? Yep single parent at home, obviously I don’t get out much and given the option of meeting a drunk at a pub or sifting through profiles online . .  I will take online EVERY-time thanks!

THIS IS MY favourite quote from all friends and relatives that are all married mind you lol

‘Maybe your expectations are too high’ well this one makes me roll around laughing cause at the end of the day I think it is pretty simple and not overly complex to ask for:-

  • Someone who is not and ex con, (sorry to all the ex-cons out there you too deserve love . . Im just not the right person for the job :0)
  • Someone who hasn’t killed someone,
  • Someone that doesn’t do drugs,
  • Someone that is compassionate, caring, honest, loyal and has a mutual attraction to me as I do them!!

So I am irrefutably not lowering from this!!


However as I try to type onward I can’t help the guilt brewing in my belly so I will be honest with you there is a hidden expectations list . . . yep come on now you have one too . .  Even if you don’t want to admit it right now I will break the silence and share mine with you. .  These things are not deal breakers (most the time lol) but they seem to be a bit of a guide so far and I am willing to lower these expectations to a certain degree. .  Ok so here goes

  • has been single longer than 6 months (let’s be honest any time between 0 – 6 months after a breakup you will ONLY ever be the rebound, yep NO thanks)
  • has some sort of experience with kids, be it their own or nieces and nephews (obviously having children myself this is a must as it can be a crazy environment in the world of a parent and unless someone is prepared before they enter they will exit just as quickly as they came.)
  • has a job (doesn’t need to be fancy, just don’t need to fall for another bum been there done that lol)
  • Has a license (current and valid . . .I have come across so many that have lost their licenses due to drink driving – yep PASS . . I have teenagers and that doesn’t set a great example now does it lol)
  • Some form of transportation (I seriously have teenagers I drive around don’t need another one thanks!)

So it’s not that bad is it . . . Am I getting to old to even have anykind of expectations list?

In my Mid 30’s and single . . . on the hunt for love! . . .Stay tuned for the next part to Online Love Hunt!


To be continue . . . . .

Stay safe and remember –

Inspire yourself, hold on to hope for better things to come, Love life!





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