Doing the 7 Steps to Manifest the Life I want (PART 2)

Doing the 7 steps to manifest the life I want (part2)

Let’s recap where we are up to. . . . In part 1 I have segmented, prodded and discovered my values, inspirational influences’ and gained an insight into my deepest desires to be an expert of myself expression to help others. . .

The last session had me slightly baffled when being directed to focus on a time line of accomplishment within a 12 month time frame.  Time has allowed this to resonate within me for a few days and I am becoming energised plus excited at the prospect that this is defiantly possible!

So what are the steps to take right now to initiate the process of manifesting the things I want . . . Well to want to be a writer – it’s blatantly obvious what I must do lol keep writing and posting, KEEP expressing myself via words and art! KEEP sharing my love and holding on to hope to inspire others. .  Oh and finish the rest of the steps in this program lol  . . .

 “What are 6 things that bring you the greatest sense of peace, presence and wellbeing?” (Sarah Prout)

  1. My Children being happy, healthy and thriving.
  2. MUSIC!
  3. Meditation.
  4. Being creative
  5. Eating yummy healthy fresh homemade food (Cooking is like mediation for me eating it is the reward lol)
  6. Knowing I have helped, made a difference to others . . .

Now do them everyday!! That was easier then I was expecting however now as I recap there are so many other things I want to add but think smaller steps are necessary right now hahah  . . . Also like to note the concerning factor that my peace is reliant on the happiness of others is not the greatest idea!! There may need to be some more in-depth evaluation of this later but for now . . . back to Sarah’s steps . . .

“What is your style? The iconic essence of this physical world that helps to define you?

It could be the things you love, the people you surround yourself with or the way you

define LOVE. Describe everything that lights up your soul: (eg. the colour pink, orchids,

champagne, painting etc).” (Sarah Prout)

hahahahahahhahahahahhahahah . . . . . . .   well I will be honest with you, There is so many amazingly beautiful things in my life and surrounding me every day as well as every moment . . . My soul sings and embraces so much it is hard to explain . . .  There is an indescribable sensation in my chest that seems to beam from my heart and soul with the colours of this world. The sunrises, the sunsets, the stars, the moon, the green trees and grass, the colour of my children’s eyes when they are truly happy. . . It is impossible for me to write it here and now so have just prepared a picture of all that makes my soul sign. . .



The next question seems to be a repeat question in my eyes but happy to answer lol

I WANT TO BE . . . . . . a best selling expressive writer !

I want to be a reputable Foster parent . . .

I want to be . . a;lsdkjflkasdjf Oh dam EPIPHANY !

Ok maybe this question is self-interpretive in many ways and not actually about the previous question about world expert!


  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Financially stable (rich)
  • Married
  • In love, loved, loving
  • Travelling around the world
  • Enjoying all the things that make my soul sign
  • Successful in my career
  • Fit and toned J without losing the curves lol


I seriously can’t wait to turn the page for the next section. . . .

Righto section 2!  . . .  full of enthusiasm for this section! My whole mind, body and soul is set to manifest my life just the way I want it, it’s nearly a sense of liberation from a past of mishaps lol

May the manifestation BEGIN . . .  the first question of this section is



This is one of my most favourite questions that you will find in nearly EVERY program about gaining direction, self-help or in this case learning to manifest your desires . .  This is about opening your mind and soul to ideas via your own imagination . . . You imagine what it is like to have more money than you can spend! Digging deep to unveil all the experiences you have always craved, but held back from whatever reality you have created thus far in life. . . For me the constant and continual objective to put my children first . . .  The brutal fact is that this has been to unhealthy levels most of their lives. Working progress! I know the logic is to make sure you are ok to be able to care for others . . . The well-used metaphorical story of a plane going to crash you are ALWAYS told to put your oxygen mask on first and then put on the child’s oxygen mask on second . . .

Well I have been without oxygen for nearly 17 years and time to now SHINE Bitches!! Lol

My turn is nearly here and I’m more then excited. .  Seriously bursting at the seams – ready to explore and find the rest of the world.

As you can tell I did not encounter any resistance while answering this question and loved exploring my deepest desires and wants in this section . . . once again the list would go on and on and on and on a odnaon on on on and on so just did a brief for your viewing J  When you do the program and get to this section make use you have your pen and paper close by for a few days and every time you think of something or see something you want to do WRITE IT DOWN . . . it can be daunting to have so many things on a list but reminds me that I have so much to do in this life and wasting time is not an option!!!

One of my most insatiable dreams is to be basking in the warmth of the sun while skinny dipping with my husband off our personal yacht that is sailing us slowly around the Greek islands. .  ahhhhhh can nearly feel the rays of sunshine beating down on my skin as I lay here dreaming!!!


On that note I’m going to bed to manifest the life I want while sleeping lol

To be continued . . . .


Stay safe and remember –

Inspire yourself, hold on to hope for better things to come, Love life!



The inspirational music today includes the following:-

Big Man – King Social –

Ginza – J Balvin –

Got to get away – Katcherfire –

The program I am following the steps to was designed and published by one very inspirational women – Sarah Prout this is a link to the website:

I downloaded the PDF:- The+Ultimate+Intention+Setting+Process+-+Sarah+Prout-9482

If you have trouble finding it please let me know and I will work out how to get you a copy of this fantastic program.


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